Anna Mess

We follow the story of a Bulgarian elderly couple living in a stagnant small village called Balabansko. Taking care of the family house passed down the generations has been their life’s work. What does their future hold and why can’t they let go of the past?

My first big documentary project focused on my grandparents and their life in a small village in Bulgaria.

Trailer teaser for Roffa mon Amour film festival.

Directed and edited: Anna Mess

Colour grade: Alexander Dragomirov

DOP: Alexander Dragomirov

Sound design and mix: Anas Qadamani

My first project in Audiovisual Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

It was a great first insight into working with a subject, and improvising with what I had. 

I only used a Gopro and asked a fellow dancer for help and I am to this day very proud of what i was able to accomplish with my limited knowledge of video at the time.

Teaser trailer for IFFR Shorts Film Festival. A project we had the privilege to  be a part of .

I wanted to show how the essence of film is emotion and the way we present it through imagery, sound and aspect ratios.